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Kinloch Lodge Anniversary Book


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50 YEARS - KINLOCH LODGE - Our beautiful anniversary book celebrating five decades of hotel and restaurant life on the Isle of Skye.

Contained within its 250 pages you’ll find a delicious collection of recipes by Jordan Webb along with fascinating insights of family life at Kinloch Lodge, as well as in-depth profiles of the local suppliers who keep the kitchens busy all year round. All sumptuously illustrated with food and landscape photography evoking the very heart and soul of Skye.

Kinloch Lodge is a destination rooted in its place, people, history, culture and - vitally - its food. From its origins as a farmhouse, to its life as a hunting lodge, where venison from the surrounding forests would make its way onto the family table, to the inspired home cooking of Claire Macdonald and now the innovative palette of Chef Jordan Webb, Kinloch has always relied on Skye’s rich natural larder to create a culinary experience that satiates, inspires and delights.